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Artists Biography: Burning Spear

Winston Rodney (born March 1, 1948) aka Burning Spear is a Jamaican roots reggae singer and musician, like many famous Jamaican reggae artists Burning Spear is known for his Rastafari movement messages
Rodney was born in Saint Ann's Bay St Ann Jamaica, who was Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey, who both had a great influence on Rodney's life Garvey in his philosophy, which Burning Spear very even took Marley in directly using Burning Spear get started in the music industry, Burning Spear was originally Rodney's group, named after Jomo Kenyatta first Prime Minister and President for an independent Kenya that rumor took hold in the name of the group eventually synonymous with Rodney
Burning Spear is one of the strongest proponents of Marcus Garvey Himselflvkritik Determination and independence for all African descendants, leading to several album releases in commemoration of the African activist
The 2002 Burning Spear and his wife, Sonia Rodney who has produced a number of his albums founded Burning Spear items
Burning Spear advocates honesty posts by peace and love which is in line with his religious and political messages of Rasta and black unity

About Burning Spear

Burning Music

"I do not know how other people see music," reggae legend Burning Spear reflects "Some people can see it on the basis of money some people might see music based upon opportunity and access, but I see music as life, I see music as inspiration "

For more than 35 years Burning Spear's music-thus lv has inspired people in many Continents Since beginning his songs have been asking listeners to fight oppression in all its forms to work on improving their own conditions and to consider the social consequences of their actions

Our Music builds on the heritage of indigenous Jamaican musical activism with his inimitable dance track album penetrates bubbles rhythmically in its call for unity between the races between nations, between individuals and between business partners

Our music is the second album was released on his Burning Spear label, following the 2003 Grammy-nominated Freeman in the middle of the expected messages about love, oppression and African history is the title track is a public confirmation that his brand of positivity mitigated with a stark self-esteem "Our Music" is Burning Spear's reclamation of his own oeuvre, a justification for establishing his record company and a challenge for all artists to seize their own destiny

"A lot of artists just have not the time to really look in business section of music industry "Burning spear reasons" There is no one to really sit them down and give them some business understanding before they enter into what they get so hadeeth people trample on these artists and do things which are not appropriate and it is not right It is not an artist in love '

With his art and his business now firmly in his control Burning Spear is our music stands among the most joyful albums of his career Bolstered by its throbbing basslines bright horn pkonst and slinky background singers the songs embrace persistence ("Try Again") self analysis ("Friends"), love ("Fix Me") and community ("Together") through deceptively simple lyrics that leads to deeper questions of power, it is smart music you can dance to

"It's like art," he says "You will paint this and people will look at this man and say that it looks like a tree looks like a car some people it looks like like a flower People will say different things depending on what they see, it's very different how it looks for them "

No matter who's watching Burning Spear career they have to be impressed by his more than 25 albums nine have earned Grammy nominations with a avdem - 1999 RASTAFRI ring - the academy may best reggae album?? Ra And he is still one of the few reggae pioneers still working and influencing people today

Born Winston Rodney in St. Ann Jamaica, he was an early fan of Bob Marley as the legend goes, Rodney bumped Marley while walking through a field and the two started talking about music Marley encouraged him to visit Jamaica's Studio One, where Rodney and a fellow musician recorded "Door Peep" At the time of its release, Rodney had branded the Spear duo Burning takes the nickname of Jomo Kenyatta, who was imprisoned by the colonial British government in Africa, but rose to become the first president of Kenya

"I think the people who will stand up for what they believe in" Burning Spear notes "not only for themselves but for themselves and their people and that was what Jomo gEarth "

Even more central Burning Spears' mission - and that is really a mission - was the doctrine of Marcus Garvey a 20th Century figure who pushed for a stronger black race through self-reliance, the Jamaican-born Garvey supported freedom and economic strength for all people but in Africa and originating from population his focus and published his views in a New York-based newspaper Negro World Garvey was jailed in the 1920s and eventually exiled to Jamaica if he never came out of the system that gave him his message survived the impact likes of Kenyatta, Martin Luther King Jr. Marley and Burning Spear to name a few of their influential album Marcus Garvey and Marcus CHILDREN

"These men were not preachin 'any violence' Burning Spear, says" The vs preachin 'about Oneness and the struggles black people where they can live and have their voice heard, I do not see anything wrong with his plan and his leadership, I think he opened a lot of eyes and opened a lot of mouths so they could talk and their voices were heard, I think it is time now to clear up and leave their record free "

Burning Spear's mandate is relatively unchanged today despite the act and the music has undergone some changes duo grew into a trio, but has long Burning Spear turned into a solo artist, and while his music has always been a vehicle for social change hejs songs are now increasingly melodic with catchy hooks developed using short phrases and point more subtly to internal truths for those willing to go inthrough self-exploration

The music survives in a very different musical era, the reggae genre, once a distinct idiom for itself has been co-opted by artists throughout the years and melded with other pop forms of artists like Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, The Rolling Stones The Police Stevie Wonder and UB40 combined it with pop and rock during the '70s and '80s, while Shaggy and Sean Paul have blended it with hip-hop textures in recent years, including country of Willie Nelson put together a hybrid album with Toots Hibbert of Maytals

Those efforts have paid attention to the genre and especially to those who contributed Bringing reggae to the world in the '70s, including Burning Spear, Peter Tosh and Marley Hibbert at the time Marley gave Burning Spear his personal seal ofand the spear will continue to maintain a devotion to the reggae roots while continuing his service to Jah

"I think people need to remember the original" Burning Spear suggests "So to be honest I do not really know nothing on it when people put reggae in another form Regardless of who does what with the music I do not think they interfere with Burning Spear '

Our Music is very dependent on the roots of reggae movement

"What I tried to do with this album musically and lyrically is to go back to the 70's when we sing about the history and culture ennd the lifestyle of these people, "Burning Spear observes" A lot of Burning Spear songs earlier times people would see as political as I am the only one naturlig thing As an artist I just expressed that "

Burning Spear continues his mission to express his heart to entertain and educate the masses, he deftly achieves that by winning over his listeners' bodies before he impacts their minds, he witnesses this process each time he takes the stage

"You see the starting nod your head you start to see a movement from one of these steps down here and another one 'til the whole body just gets involved in it all," he laughs, "You have to think about when you are Creating "music you're not only creation" music for people to sit back and listen to "Oh it's all good and the bad" You need people to shake a leg "

When they are listening at home and shake legs in our music listeners willalso be swept up with the headiness of Burning Spear message of The policy statements are still evident in the continued references to Marcus Garvey ("One Marcus" and "Little Garvey ')

But Our Music also includes deeper ideas that penetrate quietly subtle in mind before they reach the clarity of the bouncy "Friends" asks rather simplistic "Are you my friend, my neighbor or my enemy? / Who are you? Who are you?" Upon reflection, it is clear that the issue is complicated for social rolloch provocative self-assessment " Together, "recalls the image of African slaves chained together at the ankles and suggested that blacks today still can link together figuratively at the elbow in the continued quest for equality and" Fix Me "embraces thepower and essence of love, which Burning Spear sees as the ultimate goal of humanity

"Love", he says "is a harmony thing is the message Love's a link"

Burning Spear's link is a pure one in 2006, unfettered by someone else record labels still attached to the roots of reggae and to the ideals of their forefathers Our Music pointing to a better world for those who are oppressed and those who simply believe that a better world is possible

"Music" is Burning Spear "is a very important thing we must remember that no force is stronger than the music "

~ Biography obtained from:
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